Haiku Seed Pack Poetry

Ways to Write Seed Pack Poetry Part 2

Haiku poetry is a Japanese form of poetry with a total of 17 syllables often arranged in three lines of 5–7–5 syllables.

Cherry Blossom Haiku Seed Pack Poetry Photo by Yuki Nakamura on Unsplash

These short poems often pack in sensations to quickly create an image.
Basho Matsuo, the most famous poet of the Edo Era (1603 and 1867) in Japan wrote this haiku about cherry blossoms.

A lovely spring night
suddenly vanished while we
viewed cherry blossoms

There is an online syllable counter that can be helpful in writing haikus. https://www.haikusyllablecounter.com/

Nasturtium Papaya Cream Mix (Burpee)

annual dazzling
blooms rub seed with sun and shade
emerge in summer

Nasturtium Dwarf Jewel Mixed Colors (Ferry-Morse)

Ruffled fragrant light
delicate yellow, orange,
scarlet sprinkling well

Nasturtium Jewel Blend (Botanical Interest)

Bling your jewel grace
salad flowers edible
charming basket sow

Nasturtium Garden Seed pack Poetry with Kimberly Burnham, Photo by Maylee on Unsplash



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