Manual Therapy and Nutritional Approaches for Corneal Dysfunction, Vision, and Keratoconus

The Cornea and Manual Therapy

Cornea, Keratoconus, and Manual Therapy Approaches by v2osk on Unsplash

Corneal Skin and Connective Tissue

Cornea, Glaucoma and Manual Therapy for Vision by Vanessa Bumbeers on Unsplash

Dysfunctions of the Cornea

Cornea and The Immune System

Hands On Care for the Immune System

Reiki, Massage therapy, and Osteopathic manual medicine for vision issues by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

Effects of Treatment

Hands On Solutions for Visual Dysfunctions


Medical Treatment Keratoconus

NFP for Vision

Biophysiography and Nutritional Wellness

Vitamin A and The Cornea

Cornea and Blood Vessels

Withania, Medicinal Plant

Copper Metabolism Dysfunctions

Blood Sugars & Corneal Stiffening

Corneal Biomechanics and Age

Glaucoma, Corneal Mechanical Stress and Membrane Integrity

Cornea Connected To The Thyroid and The Heart



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Kimberly Burnham

Kimberly Burnham

Writer, Poet, Ekphrastic Writer-in-Residence, Nerve Whisperer, Brain Health Coach, Author of The Traveling Brain: Illuminating Peace Poetry in 5000 Languages.