Peace Poetry in The Korafe Language of Papua New Guinea

Peace is “Dúbo jáma” (peace, well-being, neck cool) in Korafe spoken in Papua New Guinea. We have a fascinating way of describing feelings in the neck, esophagus and body.

Korafe (kpr), Korafe-Yegha, Gaina, Kailikaili, Kaire, Korafi, Korape, Kwarafe, a Papuan, Trans–New Guinea, Binanderean language; Dialects (Korafe, Yegha, Gaina, Bareji) — “Dúbo jáma” (peace, well-being, neck cool), “Dúbo evéva ári” (to be calm or at peace), “Sunsanghári” (calm, peaceful, still), “Nati sunsanghari bekari” (it’s absolutely quiet in the village)