Pekudei / פְקוּדֵי Accounting Exodus 38:21–40:38 Torah Study and Poetry (24)

Finished The Work

I wish I had a clear sign
every time
I have to decide
stay in this place
or begin on a new journey
stay in bed for a few more minutes
warm and comfortable but hungry
or start my day
go out into the world
and see what has changed
an unseen presence
letting me know
whether to stay or go

Cloud and Fire Torah Poetry with Kimberly Burnham Photo by Fatih on Unsplash



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Kimberly Burnham

Kimberly Burnham

Writer, Poet, Ekphrastic Writer-in-Residence, Nerve Whisperer, Brain Health Coach, Author of The Traveling Brain: Illuminating Peace Poetry in 5000 Languages.