Sensory Words in Seed Pack Poetry

Kimberly Burnham
2 min readApr 26, 2022

Ways to Write Seed Pack Poetry Part 3

Often on the back of seed packs there are words that describe sensations:
- Colors we can see like cosmic purple carrots.
- Shapes we can see like scalloped leaves of Italian arugula or the long narrow leaves of Tuscan kale.
- Textures we can feel like soft, firm, or rough.
- Temperatures we can feel like cool, cold, hot.
- Tastes and smells like peppery, sweet, or spicy.

All these sensory words help the poet create an image in the reader’s mind. Sensory words also help ground us in our body. Reading or listening to the sensations listed on the back of a seed pack connects us to all the sensations in a garden.

Little Marvel Peas (Page’s Seeds)

excellent garden
vigorous bush tight mature
heirloom yields two green

Sweet Peppers (Burpee)

sun golden beauty
diamonds start indoors warm
emerge move outside

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Ornamental Basil Cardinal Organic Seed (Harris Seeds)

unusual trials
contrast be dark green maroon
aroma lightly

Basil Blue Spice (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds)

fine fragrance spicy
overtones sown out arrive
brilliant color near

Photo by Giorgi Iremadze on Unsplash



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