Supercharge Your Memory, Vision, and Health with Expressive Writing

Expressive Writing for children, adults, university students, and seniors.

Increase Working Memory

Expressive writing can often be used to process a new experience or a momentous event. Information, sensations, and feeling come out or become clear through the writing process, which is a physical, emotional, and cognitive process. We write what is in our minds and hearts through moving our hands and arms, using the big muscles and fine motor skills. Researchers studying college students noted improved working memory capacity through expressive writing.

Write Expressively for Quality of Life by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Write Expressively For Quality of Life

Concluding that non-pharmacologic interventions including acupoint stimulation (acupressure), massage therapy and expressive writing have an effect on a middle-age woman with breast cancer, researchers reported,

Vision, Macular Degeneration, and Stargardt’s

Mostly when we think about macular degeneration with think about vision problems of older people but children can also develop a kind of macular degeneration called Stargardt’s disease. A recent study showed the benefits of expressive writing in children with Stargardt’s disease. The children who participated in the expressive writing noted improvements in psychological health and physical health.

Writing to Health After Trauma

Noting that expressive writing is easy to do, low cost, and portable, researchers noted,

Improve Sleep

Sleep is so important to your productivity, your relationships, and your health. What if developing a writing practice could improve your sleep and decrease your stress? In a study on the effects of expressive writing on people with cancer, researchers found a significant improvement in sleep — both the quality of sleep and the duration.



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Kimberly Burnham

Kimberly Burnham

Writer, Poet, Ekphrastic Writer-in-Residence, Nerve Whisperer, Brain Health Coach, Author of The Traveling Brain: Illuminating Peace Poetry in 5000 Languages.