The Power Pose of Dopamine and Movements for Brain Health

Power Posing for Brain Health by King Lip on Unsplash
More research in PARKINSON’S DISEASE? WALK BETTER, Sleep Deeper and Move Consciously, Solutions from Nature’s Sensational Medicine (Jan 6, 2013) (240 Pages) ISBN: 978–1–937207–09–0 but here are some exercises for balancing brain chemistry and improving your performance and enjoyment of life, regardless of a diagnosis.

Exercises: Power Posing for Balancing Dopamine

Do any or all of these exercises on a daily basis for two minutes at a time.

Long Walking exercise for people with Parkinson’s disease by Jasmin Chew on Unsplash



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Kimberly Burnham

Kimberly Burnham


Writer, Poet, Ekphrastic Writer-in-Residence, Nerve Whisperer, Brain Health Coach, Author of The Traveling Brain: Illuminating Peace Poetry in 5000 Languages.