The Zulu Rainbow Princess of Heaven in A Daily Dose of Peace

Kimberly Burnham
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A Daily Dose of Peace. Each week, I focus on Love, Joy, and Peace in world languages. January’s fourth week focuses on South African Zulu in Africa.

Power over fertility Zulu poetry with Kimberly Burnham. Photo by Alicia Petresc on Unsplash

Power Over Rain, Fertility and Peace (Ukuthula)

The Princess of Heaven
iNkosazana Nomkhubulwane
concerned with rainmaking and fertility
rainbow, mists and rain emanations
cycles of the moon
procreation of all life

iNkosazana Nomkhubulwane
visited Earth in the clear white light of daybreak mists
revealed herself to women working in the fields
pregnancy, childbirth and young children her particular concern
determining times set for ploughing
sowing, weeding harvesting
and controlling rain
intervening in thunderstorms
continuous rain or hail

In Zulu, “Kuye kubonakale ngothingo lwenkosazana. Yilona oluqinisa
amathemba abantu ukuthi uNomkhubulwane
usefikile, usekhona ukubeka isandla ukuze
kubekhona “ukuthula” (peace, calm) kuphele isiphepho nolaka loMdali”

In English, “The rainbow sign appears to assure people that
Nomkhubulwane has arrived to put her hand
so that there could be calm and the end of
the storm and the anger of God. “

In Zulu, “Uma eke wacasuka uletha isomiso,
isichotho noma isangquma, kubhubhe kuphele
ukudla emasimini.”

In English, “If she is angry she brings drought, hail or hailstorms
that completely destroy crops in the fields.”

Found Poetry by Kimberly Burnham from The Zulu Literary Artist’s Conception Of Celestial Bodies And Associated Natural Phenomena by Langalibalele Felix Mathenjwa.

Rainbow a promise of thunderstorms stopped Zulu poetry with Kimberly Burnham Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Originally Published in Peace Poetry Dictionary, The Meaning of Peace and Calm in 5000 Languages on January 27, 2021.



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